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The network is a vital component of today’s digital businesses, playing a central role in strengthening customer relationships through enhanced communications, running the applications that drive the business forward and, ultimately, helping ensure that organizations can operate with greater efficiency and agility.

While forward-thinking CIOs recognize the importance of network technologies, many still struggle with transforming their traditional network to drive real innovation and business growth. Aging equipment, inconsistent platforms and multiple carrier contracts exacerbate the issues of running a decentralized, complex network environment.

Building a superior and lower-cost network is a complicated undertaking, requiring a clear strategy for increasing network capacity, adequate resources for designing and deploying new technologies, and a comprehensive infrastructure plan. For many organizations, effective and efficient management of their network environment is also a key concern.

XLNT Business Systems can help businesses in all industries overcome these challenges and establish networks that support future growth, run at lower cost and enable high performance.

Improving network agility

XLNT Business Systems Network Transformation Services uses established, industrialized tools and methodologies, market-leading outsourcing capabilities and advanced technologies to rapidly create and run a transformed global network. We aim to deliver measurable performance improvements, industry-leading service levels, sustained cost savings and ongoing network agility. Our services include:

• Network Optimization
• Wireless Infrastructure
• Security Solutions
• Cabling Services
• CCTV Access Control
• Disaster Recovery Solutions
• Video Conferencing Solutions

"Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity"
- Charles Mingus